Manaaki Oranga Restorative Justice

Manaaki Tangata, Manaaki Oranga - Supporting People through Restorative Justice

Orakei Marae Trust or KMOT has been contracted by the Ministry of Justice to work in the Auckland, Waitakere and North Shore District Court.  This collective programme is called Manaaki Oranga Restorative Justice. 


Restorative Justice programmes have been operating in the three courts for some time now and through various providers have been able to assist victims and offenders to meet and discuss how through the offending it has affected the victim and their friends or family.  This process is voluntary however is an opportunity for all parties to come together and share how they felt at the time of the offence and how they feel on the day of the conference.


Support is given to the Victim and their whanau family and also to the offender and their whanau family throughout the whole process.


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